Dentures in Acrylic and Chrome

Dentures are an effective way to replace missing teeth and are custom made to fit the size and shape of your mouth for a natural look and feel. They are removable plastic or metal frameworks that carry single or multiple false teeth. We offer both full and partial dentures in acrylic and chrome.

A full denture comprises a removable acrylic plate that sits over your gums. A set of crafted acrylic teeth, which are custom made to look as natural as possible, sits on top of this plate.

A partial denture is attached to the teeth either side of a gap and replaces one or a few missing teeth. They are also used as an alternative to a bridge to fill gaps in your teeth.

It is important to replace missing teeth as it helps to keep your remaining teeth healthy as any bite issues can be corrected, and gaps, which may lead to decay, are filled.